Health Tip: Choosing Walking Shoes

By on December 2, 2013

Health Tip: Choosing Walking Shoes

Selecting the appropriate walking shoes is particularly important for seniors, because feet change as you age.

The AARP suggests how to choose walking shoes:

  • Your feet tend to widen as you age because ligaments, muscles and tendons stretch and the fatty pads on your feet thin out. Make sure your shoes are wide enough and offer enough cushioning.
  • Figure out which type of feet you have — such as flat feet or high arches — by wetting your feet, standing on a piece of paper and examining the outline of your feet.
  • Choose shoes with extra cushioning in the heels if you have pain in the heels, knees or back.
  • Choose shoes best suited to where you live and walk, such as waterproof shoes for a rainy climate or shoes with good traction for a snowy climate.
  • Shop where salespeople can guide you on the most appropriate shoe for you.

Source: HealthDay

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