Health Tip: Combat a Pinworm Infection

By on January 28, 2015

Health Tip: Combat a Pinworm Infection

Pinworms are intestinal worms that may be easily spread and are common in children.

The Mayo Clinic recommends these tips to help prevent pinworm infections or keep them from spreading:

  • Shower in the morning and carefully wash the anal area, as pinworms lay eggs while the infected person sleeps.
  • To help get rid of eggs, change the sheets and the infected person’s underwear each day.
  • Wash all clothing, towels, washcloths and sheets in hot water.
  • Don’t scratch the anal area. Trim an infected child’s fingernails to reduce the risk of eggs collecting. Make sure the child doesn’t bite his or her nails.
  • Clean all toilet seats every day to help get rid of eggs.
  • Always wash hands after using the toilet, changing a diaper and before eating.

Source: HealthDay

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