Health Tip: Spare the Environment During the Holidays

By on December 12, 2014

Health Tip: Spare the Environment During the Holidays

While you’re decking the halls this holiday season, opt for decorations that are environmentally-friendly and made to last.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has these suggestions:

  • Consider a holiday decoration other than a tree, or buy an artificial tree that’s made to last for many years. If you get a live tree, plant it outside after the holidays.
  • Get a smaller-than-usual live tree that is easier to recycle. When it’s time to dispose of the tree, find an eco-friendly method.
  • Reduce holiday lighting to save energy, or invest in energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Attach a timer to your holiday lights, so they are not lit as long.
  • Use natural decorations from your yard or use materials that you already have in your home.

Source: HealthDay

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