Health Tip: Four Simple Steps for Healthier Eating

By on December 28, 2015

For better health and weight management, four simple steps can help you stick with a more nutritious eating plan.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics advises:

  1. Eat foods lower in fat, such as lean meats and foods that aren’t fried. Avoid unhealthy oils and butter, as well as full-fat dairy.
  2. Make healthier drink choices, selecting those lower in sugar and calories. Opt for water, skim milk or an occasional glass of 100 percent fruit juice.
  3. Avoid foods high in sugar, such as desserts. Instead, have unsweetened fruit or cereal.
  4. Watch your salt. Season food with herbs instead of salt, and monitor labels on packaged foods to check for sodium content.

Source: HealthDay

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