Health Tip: Help Kids Sleep Better

By on July 26, 2017

Getting children to go to sleep and stay asleep may be a true challenge for parents.

The National Sleep Foundation says these factors may prevent kids from getting a good night’s rest:

  • Bed-wetting, which may affect kids until age 5, and sometimes older. Parents should stay calm and offer praise and rewards (such as stickers) for making it through the night dry.
  • Nightmares, which are partly a result of toddlers’ developing imaginations. Parents should avoid talking directly about a nightmare, which may make things worse. Instead, offer soothing reassurance to help your child fall back to sleep.
  • Caffeine, which can keep kids awake or wake them up. So make sure your kids don’t have caffeinated drinks at dinner.
  • Use of smartphones, tablets or computers, which can interfere with sleep. So don’t let children keep these devices in their rooms, and turn them off well before bed.

Source: HealthDay

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